Give all companies the opportunity to post on their website what their customers think, their testimonials and the star rating, and encourage the seriousness and excellence in work and customer relationship.

There is TripAdvisor, ok. And for hairdressers, garages, plumbers, beauty salons and rhino-pharyngicologists ... eh? Don't they also have the right to know how they work too well?

It's easy and quick to set up, the process is simple and reliable for both companies and their customers, and more ... it's cheap!

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notation étoilée de vos clients, leur témoignages

Simple solution

Create your account and that's all.
We do the rest. We send you the code to insert on your site and the link to send to your suctomers. You or your webmaster can easily set it up. All you have to do is send the email to your customers.

Your criteria, your form

Create your custom form containing criteria of choice (such as home - atmosphere , competence interlocutor , quality of services , support - final follow-up , etc ...), to send to your customers to be noted.

The customer's notation is not editable

This is to guarantee the authenticity of the opinions of your customers. You validate each client, each new testimony but you can not intervene on the ratings or modify them.

Unique customers and ratings

Each customer informs his last name, first name, email and an invoice number or a reference allowing you to find it. He will be unique. So you can correctly validate each new opinion, and be sure that it is indeed your customers.


recueillir les avis-clients de vos clients


You sign up and fill out the form that concerns you. Your account is created online , in 3 minutes.

afficher les témoignages de vos clients


We validate your account and send you an email with your credentials to reconnect.

donner des étoiles à votre société


You create and customize your rating form for your clients from multiple choice criteria.

recueillir l'opinion de vos clients

Link to the form

We will then send you the link to send to your customers, so that once the sale made, the repair made, the service rendered, or the meal appreciated, they can give their opinion and comment on your services.

opinion et avis, témoignages de vos clients

The customer gives his opinion

The client ( which can only be unique) informs the form, rating and rating with the stars the different criteria of the form that you have chosen. You have his note and his opinion.

starsystem et les avis étoilés de vos clients


You are informed of the new notice. You validate it with the reference or invoice number (to prove that it is one of your customers). Your site displays your new listing.


vos avis-client sous forme de notation étoilée

Captures attention, encourages clicking


témoignages de vos clients sous forme de notation étoilée

Enhance your know-how, your talent


The opinions of your customers will always weigh



  • Your customer area, to manage the opinions of your customers
  • Your own form with your rating criteria
  • Mechanisms for having unique customers
  • Code to insert on your site, and
    your page presenting the opinions of your customers
  • Annual subscription

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